Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Until I start posting some artwork (which will be very soon) I thought I would provide some information regarding the materials I use.

Firstly, my artworks are mainly done in oil and charcoal. For oil paints I use Old Holland this is generally a personal preference I love the paints consistency. As for charcoal I have a mix of charcoal bricks, charcoal pencils and a charcoal sock.

For my paintings, I use both Hog Bristle and Sable brushes, the medium I use is linseed oil and I always paint on a stretched linen canvas.

Now some reference information. Below are some of my favorite references.


Painting Books:

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


This being my first post, I want to start of by thanking anybody reading (it means a lot).

Let me start of by describing what I will be sharing on this blog. The main body of this blog will be posts consisting of images of my art from my sketchbook, WIP photos and finished paintings/drawings where I will describe key features of the artwork and delve into the inspiration for the piece.

I will also be posting some short tutorials (video tutorials may come later) where I will describe my process aided with images both of the complete and incomplete piece. My aim of these are to share my process for other people to learn or enjoy.

I will start posting as soon as possible, I look forward to sharing with you.